At the Foot of Mount Tabor (3 songs)

by He and Him

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Douglas Jenkins (Portland Cello Project), and David Shultz recorded three songs in Doug's living room.

David and Doug met less than a year ago during a 6 week trip around the US with Thao W/ The Get Down Stay Down. They immediately bonded over their ability to endure a never ending series of podcasts.

The boys created a lovely version of Paul Simon's "Graceland" in the stairwell of some club, and they played the song during some of David's sets. Doug wrote parts to a couple of David's originals as well, and it became apparent that collaboration between the two was an easy, productive, and enjoyable task to take on. Meanwhile, during the Portland Cello Project's set every night, David watched and wondered what it might be like to play with several cellos at once.

Turns out it's an amazing thing to play with the Portland Cello Project, which David found out in March of 2010. Doug invited David out to Portland for a Great North West tour of the lovely Mcmennamin's establishments. During an off day, the boys recorded these three songs. While Doug was mixing the songs, David went to buy some craft supplies and blank CDs. A tour EP was born.

Is there more to come from these two long-distant pals? One word: probably.


released July 1, 2010

Songs written by David Shultz
Mixed and Engineered by Douglas Jenkins


all rights reserved



He and Him Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Natural
Protected by a starry canopy
Blessed absence of symmetry
Ghosts of summer blow by us
Blurring the wind with light
We are just two children playing in the night

The colors of our truths are spilling free
Soft white lies ahead of me
Cool nights on sidewalks that wind in
And out along the street
We are the words that no one would dare repeat

And I don't know if it's natural

Heavy photo album, paper weight
I got nothing going on here so I'll wait
Questions of value and worth
We are the cameras documenting the earth

And I don't know if it's natural

I don't know if it's natural

I don't know, it feels natural

I don't know
Track Name: Buck and a Quarter
In the basement's a bucket of water
In my wallet a buck and a quarter
Still I wouldn't ask for the days to grow shorter
How long do we have?

In the lake is an island for lovers
Been a hell of a long rain
Now it's nearly covered
Still I wouldn't ask for the shelter of another
How long do we have to carry on?

And would it be so bad
To dance until the song is done
How long do we have?

In the morning wearing last night's clothes
Another drop in the bucket
Another ghost
Still I coulnd't guess at the number of those
How long do we have to carry on?

And would it be so bad
To dance until this song is done?
How long do we have?
Track Name: Still Likes to Whistle
Worn out blinds and a wall of faded pictures
Been years since the piano was anything
More than furniture
Been years since she shot off like a god damn missile
Don't do a whole lot these days
But the man still likes to whistle

The windshield's cracked, there's a vine
Growing 'round the mirror
Been years since he's drive forever
To be just near her
Been years since she said she'd be back in a while
Don't get a whole done
But the man still likes to smile

A little less hair and a pair
Of healthy crow's feet
A ravine like crease right between
Where his eyes and his nose meet
Been years since they lay close together counting sheep
Don't do a whole lot these days
But the man still hates to sleep

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